What We Do

In 4 years of activity, Mission Bambini Switzerland has supported 30 aid projects in 12 countries worldwide. These are the main active projects:

  • Uganda: Can’t Wait to Learn

    Uganda: Can’t Wait to Learn

    Mission Bambini has set up an education project for children and young people in West Nile, Uganda with the aim of achieving an inclusive and quality education by applying the Can't Wait to Learn program to the centers of the Accelerated Education Program, up to obtaining a first level diploma for 600 refugee children or West Nile host communities. It is a technology for innovative education that provides the supply of support materials to the Can't wait to Learn tablets, the distribution of tablets for 600 children and the training of 16 teachers and facilitators on the use of the program. Putting children, parents and future leaders in the condition to be able to act is vital to bring about change.
  • Uganda: Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital

    Uganda: Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital

    More than ten years ago, the civil war that for twenty years has tormented Uganda still makes its consequences felt. Here, in the city of Kalongo, Mission Bambini Switzerland supports the "Dr. Ambrosoli Memorial Hospital", founded in 1957 by Father Giuseppe Ambrosoli, an Italian doctor and missionary. Thanks to the support of the Foundation, the pediatric ward will be retrained, where about 4,000 children are hospitalized annually. The spaces are reorganized to make the medical service more efficient and the patient stay more comfortable.

  • Switzerland : Robotics laboratory

    Switzerland : Robotics laboratory

    Mission Bambini Switzerland in the wake of the experience realized in 2018 intends to continue with activities in support of children with special educational needs and with particular learning difficulties through the methodologies already tested and based on the use of robotics, technologies and study results and more recent international scientific researches An innovative educational experience, thanks to which the children and young people involved will be able to: improve their basic scholastic skills, acquire useful scientific skills also from a work perspective, benefit from processes of effective integration and inclusion.

  • Bangladesh and India: Pink scholarships

    Bangladesh and India: Pink scholarships

    Through Mission Bambini Switzerland is possible to activate a “pink scholarship”: to support deserving or poor girls in the final phase of their studies, helping them to reach the diploma, a professional qualification or the degree. Now it is possible to have a pink scholarship in Bangladesh and India. Donors are receiving periodical updates on the progress of the girls, in order to follow, step by step, the phases of this important social change.

  • Long-Distance Sponsorships

    Long-Distance Sponsorships

    In many countries, access to education is still a daily challenge for millions of children. Thanks to individual Long-Distance Sponsorships (each donor is linked to a single child), Mission Bambini Switzerland guarantees children the right to a good education every year, by means of covering schooling costs: entry fees, books and uniforms.

  • Children's Heart

    Children's Heart

    It has been estimated that every year 1 million children are born with congenital heart disease all over the world. Around 80% are born in a poor country: half of them won’t survive beyond the first year due to lack of medical help and surgical facilities; the others will suffer serious growth problems and difficulties in their psychosomatic development. Through “Children’s Heart” Program Mission Bambini Switzerland supports humanitarian missions of medical volunteers or supports local hospitals in the following Countries: Brazil, Cambodia, Kenya, Romania, Zimbabwe.